From retail outlets to events spaces, hotels to bars or restaurants, increasing competition for footfall means providing ever unique and memorable experiences is more important than ever. The right acoustics system and the right music can help you build the bond with your target audience that ensures they keep coming back. 


We have all been in venues where the music ‘seems’ to take over, whether that is a conversation or a shopping experience. This is more often than not unrelated to the volume of the music; rather, it is down to the flow of sound across the space. Well designed, well implemented and well maintained audio systems - whether standalone or as part of a converged technology system – are of paramount importance to the feel of commercial space.

VIVID’s team of acoustics experts will scope out the infrastructure of the store or space, your needs and objectives, and recommend or design the right audio technologies. Whether that is the latest invisible speakers, wall subwoofers, 70 or 100 volt speakers and amplifiers, we install best in class commercial sound system technologies from the world’s leading brands.


Music has the power to evoke emotions, transport you to happy places and create memories. Carefully curated background music in retail and hospitality spaces can achieve that - create moods that complement a brand’s ethos and, ultimately, have shoppers and visitors coming back for more!

Understanding the importance of music in this context we partner with leading music specialists and award winning company Music Concierge who specialise in using background music to create unique atmospheres and distinct brand identities for clients all over the world.