Amina Edge loudspeakers incorporate OptiDamping, OptiDrive and Reduced-Resonance Exciter technology, built into a plaster up-to design. Designed for use where there is no wet plaster skim (drywall), Edge loudspeakers have been designed much like a piece of tapered-edge plasterboard. Once filled, taped, feathered in and painted, the loudspeaker becomes fully invisible.


stealth LineaResponse X™ (LRX) range

The Stealth Acoustics model LR6G is a cost effective 2-way, full-range speaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation. The loudspeaker has a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing. The paintable active diaphragm face is bonded to the frame of the speaker panel, creating an active area surrounded by a stable mounting area. The LR6G may be installed in either the wall or ceiling. On-site finishing options include latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics and selected texture coats.

Stealth LR6G