showcase your brand from any angle

Redefine the look and feel of your in-store experience and elevate your brand image with the latest in retail technology innovation. VIVID brings you the LG 55” dual view rotating motion OLED display. The 55EH5C is packed with great features.  

Pencil-Thin Design |  Wide-Viewing Angles |  Crisp Clear MotionFull HD | Stunning Colour and Contrast



Option 1 - Dual View display floor mount

Option 2 - Dual View display ceiling mount

Option 3 - Dual View wall mount 

key benefits of the 55” LG 55EH5C dual view 

  • Space efficiency with razor thin double sided displays.

  • Floor, ceiling and wall installation provide great flexibility for positioning in-store.

  • Swap or mirror content on either side of the screen.

  • Deliver in-store wow factor with immersive customer experiences.

  • Capture attention of passers-by and increase in-store footfall.

key product features 

  • Pencil-thin design – with just two layers, the LG dual view OLED display is unbelievably light-weight and thin.

  • Wide Viewing Angles - delivers awe-inspiring picture quality across the entire screen, even from wide -viewing angles.

  • Crisp clear smooth rotating motion.

  • Full HD, stunning colour & contrast - accurate and stable colour reproduction. Self-lighting pixels bring colours to life with superb accuracy.