Tannoy’s line of in-ceiling speakers, dubbed CMS 3.0. features the company's Dual Concentric Transducer, as well as new magnetically adhering grilles, an all-new clamp design, and other upgrades. Consisting of five models - CMS 403DCe, CMS 503DC, CMS 603DC and CMS 803DC – each model is available in both PI (pre-install) and BM (blind-mount) variants. All models are 16 ohm, making them ideal for use in low-impedance systems, such as in conjunction with Lab.gruppen LUCIA amplifiers, while additionally featuring an integrated low insertion loss line transformer for 70 V / 100 V distributed applications.

the KEF ci range

With impeccable cosmetics, there’s a KEF Ci model for every application, from tiny ceiling speakers the size of downlights to motorised super-premium venue speakers that glide into place at the touch of a button. By combining radically innovative engineering with sophisticated design technologies, the Ci range achieves what used to be thought impossible: compact custom installation speakers that sound as compelling as an audiophile quality hi-fi system, no matter where you sit.

QSC AcousticDesign™

AcousticDesign™ ceiling loudspeakers offer a variety of models specifically tailored for demands of higher fidelity applications.  The sleek, unobtrusive design is a hit with architects, interior designers and end customers alike. Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage, they easily blend with the aesthetics of any room. Designed for clarity and presence, these loudspeaker systems deliver pristine audio reproduction for installations requiring a refined audio experience.  Available in black (RAL 9011) and white (RAL 9010) and may be painted to match any decor. Deliberate 23mm bezel maintains consistency with T-bar ceilings and other fixtures already in the ceiling.


The Sonance Professional Series of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers feature a bezel-less grille design to minimise visual distraction and reduce shadow lines. The optional black or white square grille adapter allows the speakers to match the aesthetic of down-lights or HVAC grilles. Black grilles in round or square are also available, eliminating the need to order a specific black speaker. The range also shares consistent voicing, ensuring seamless sonic integration when used together throughout a space.

Available in 4", 4" Low Profile, 6.5", 6.5" Low Profile, 8" 2-Way and an 8" Woofer.